Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm addicted, it's a crisis...

OK, I think gardening has become an addiction.  Alright, not for plants.  Yesterday I was driving home from work and I realized I needed an oil change.  I like to get my oil changed at a place I usually go for car work, except I had to cross a toll bridge and had no cash.  No problem, I told myself, I'll just stop at Walmart and pick up the body wash I needed and get cash back.  As I pulled into Walmart I saw a parking spot next to the garden center and figured it would be closer to the body wash than the front door.  As I entered the garden center I decided to browse their selections of plant since I don't frequent this Walmart often. 
Their prices were so ridiculously low, and their clearance section was even better.  They had a beautiful Hibiscus that was braided and trained to grow like a tree.  I had been eyeballing these things for months at Lowe's for $24-35.  Walmart had it on clearance for $11.50.
I also snagged a Canna (Canna X generalis for $2.25 and a young Pink Dipladenia for $4.  I'm going to make a beautiful potted display for my Mom's lanai with that plant and a trellis.
So, after I loaded up my cart with plants, and got my body wash, I decided that I couldn't get an oil change in this heat with a car full of plants . And I drove home.

I guess it's not the worst addiction to have...

...but I do get asked alot "Why do you have a [insert insect name] in your car?"


  1. Hahaha! My kids have had to ride home in seats with plants surrounding them many times over the years. I actually went to Wal-Mart today to get laundry detergent and a few sundries and parked near the garden center because it's always easier. (Of course, I had to check things out, just in case there was something I couldn't leave behind.)

  2. Oh, that uncontrollable urge, heart racing, feeling of euphoria. We all have experienced it one time or another. But seriously, plants can be hard to pass over when you get them at the end of the season. Those prices are often cheaper than we as professionals get wholesale. Great time to buy and plant.

  3. That was funny. I have been there. I have gone to the grocery store for food and came home with a car full of plants and forgot the food! Annie

  4. That shot is a riot. I can relate. If I had spending money for anything but discount plants, I'd be in real trouble! Looking forward to reading more posts.